The Paul McCartney Fan Club, founded in the Netherlands celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2023. Initially started with approval of record company EMI Holland and the official British Fan Club in 1973, the Fan Club started to publish their own magazine ‘Wings Words’ in 1975.


After the breakup of the band it became ‘McCartney Magazine’, followed by ‘Maccazine’ (a bound paperback book). All publications were in Dutch reaching only the readers in The Netherlands and parts of Belgium. Since the beginning of the new Millenium the editors decided to publish Maccazine in English.


  • Edward Eikelenboom – Chief Editor
  • Kars Hazelaar – Editor & Membership
  • David Borman – Editor
  • René Termeer - Editor
  • Rianne de Bont – Distribution
  • René Oomen – Layout Magazine
  • André Homan - Social Media
  • Ramón Dorenbos – Web Developer – Communication – Promotions rates Maccazine 5 out of 5 stars! Maccazines aim is to provide you with accurate information, interviews, rare photo’s and facts about Paul McCartney gathered by their editors through extensive research. The issues are jam packed interesting stories and events. This is a well crafted magazine. High quality bound (National Geographic style) – loaded with great research. This is a must have for Paul McCartney fans all over the world!

– Mat Burley - -