About Maccazine

Maccazine is a hard copy magazine (a bound paperback) about Paul McCartney. It is published (*) twice a year. Due to the fact that  the Internet has taken over the world and the fact that the latest Paul McCartney news is to  be found on hundreds of websites, we have decided to focus on creating an informative paper magazine about Paul McCartney.


Most of our Maccazines are 58+ pages magazines (a bound paperback) with a full colour cover about an event in Paul McCartney ’s career after the Beatles break-up; for instance an album by Wings, a solo album or a concert tour.

  • All Maccazines are written in English and contain lots of photos and illustrations.
  • You can buy Maccazines as back issues, but when you choose to become a member, you will automatically receive the latest issue at your home address.                                

Our aim is not to provide you with the latest news about Paul McCartney, but to deliver an interesting magazine with facts that have been obtained through extensive research by our editors.


  • * Maccazine is published by the Paul McCartney fan club. All Maccazines are offered at prime cost. The Paul McCartney Fan Club is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers. All for the love of Paul.
  • * We used to publish 3 Maccazines a year, but due to high postage we have been forced to downsize to 2 Maccazines a year. We make up for by editing thicker Maccazines than before.

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“Maccazine makes Paul McCartney’s music and its history work together like two people in a perfect marriage. It’s been thoroughly investigated. There are plenty of illustrations and tons of facts. Once you get into it, you can’t get out of it!”

- Luca Perasi, author of Paul McCartney Recording Session -

Fabulous!!! I thought it would be a magazine like The Beatles Monthly but it is even better! It’s a bound paperback! Well done!

– Jorrie Gracen - The Macca Report –