2023 51-2 Special Gigs 1973 - 2023

In CONCERT TOURS 1972-2022, we deliberately skipped quite some memorable Paul McCartney performances through his amazing solo career, because they are not regarded to be part of a pre-scheduled concert tour. This time, we have collected most if not ALL of these “special gigs” by Paul and his then current band or solo, performing and playing LIVE in front of an audience, covering the period from 1973 till 2023. It may be a full or adapted concert, a short collaboration at a benefit, at a jubilee, a tribute, or any other conceivable special occasion. Inside this SPECIAL GIGS 1973-2023 issue you’ll find interesting data and matching illustrations for 150+ special gigs. It makes a nice companion volume for this year’s first MACCAZINE edition – CONCERT TOURS, also designed as a comprehensive compendium. Now you can enjoy two Paul McCartney ‘50 YEARS’ gig specials, in the year that we celebrate our Fanclub’s 50th anniversary.


René Termeer - Editor

2023 51-2 Special Gigs 1973 - 2023

  • 164 pages, over 850 photos
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