2023 51-1 Concert Tours 1972 - 2022

Many books and magazines -even more than a few fab MACCAZINES- have been written about specific parts of Paul’s performing career. A comprehensive compendium containing all his concert tours, including all tour dates with matching period illustrations plus a short narrative is missing. And there is no publication of an official ‘Paul is Live’ discography. That is: till now! Yes, you may find all included information available online and scattered over many books and magazines. However, between the covers of this Paul McCartney CONCERT TOURS issue, we’ve compiled all tours from 1972 till 2022, covering 50 years of performing. We have aimed to be very exact about definitive dates and precise spelling of the names of the venues. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the Dutch language, you’ll probably read “Het Concertgebouw'' in Amsterdam (from ‘Rockshow’) spelled correctly for the first time here… Anyway, enjoy this concert special - our first issue of 2023 - the year the Dutch Paul McCartney Fanclub is 50 years young! And, like Paul still says: “See you next time!”.


- René Termeer - Editor


2023 51-1 Concert Tours 1972 - 2022

  • 164 pages. over 750 photos.
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