2022 50-2 Paul McCartney Christmas Special

Contemplating Christmastime an unexplored topic for our fanzine, there appear to be many interesting post-Beatles’ McCartney music, facts, memorabilia, paraphernalia, and special appearances relating to the Holidays season, all well worth mentioning and writing about. Ho-ho-ho... high time to compile a fat MACCAZINE edition, dedicated to this jolliest of seasons. We allowed ourselves to take some side paths, we’ll show you an extensive Xmas discography and we have a separate 50-years-timeline. Anyway, you’ll find this issue fully filled - like stuffed Christmas stockings. Enjoy, and have a very special Wonderful Christmastime.


- René Termeer - Editor

2022 50-2 Paul McCartney Christmas Special

164 pages. over 750 photos.


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